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Hi Trapped!

Welcome to the <It's A Trap!> website. I made the site to help us organize our guild events and share guild info/pictures/achievement, etc. IT IS NOT A REQUIREMENT TO USE OR VISIT THE WEBSITE. It is just for fun and to give some additional services to our members. Guild leadership and organization will take place primarily in game but I will be updating the website with changing guild info, rules, events, etc. I will also try and post up some useful and interesting info such as patch notes and links to forums talking about our server. I hope we can use the forums, gallery, and shout outs to have some fun too.

I hope the website becomes popular. I will try and keep it relevant and updated.


<It's A Trap>
We are a laid back pvp/pve guild which has always welcomed friendly players. Our non-elitist approach to guild organization and play-for-fun style has helped us grow into the largest and most well-rounded guild on the Imp side of the server. We have a great memberbase with some of the top PvP players on the server. We are also currently able to access all end game PvE content, running multiple ops groups per week. We improve rapidly week to week, just ask our early members!
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I Quit

Redcrosss, Apr 27, 12 10:20 PM.
Hey Guys, I had fun but with the changes in 1.2 and me moving to a new timezone swtor was just not for me anymore. Hope you all continue to have fun! we had a great guild! I told Underworld Heroes to keep open a place for you guys that wanted to continue to raid. Best of luck!

Voss World Boss

Redcrosss, Apr 17, 12 3:19 AM.
Stole this strategy, I cant seem to find a good one. If anyone else comes across something more clear let me know!

Now that 1.2 is out I can release my notes for strategies. 

[The Nightmare Pilgrim] Weekly quest + world boss encounter 
Found on Voss 

This boss cannot be farmed 

This boss CAN be killed before raid night as its conclusion gives you a 50 stat bonus to main stat for 5 hours, reset timer is once every 5 days, though might be adapted to 7 for raid lockout cycle 

Key info: 6:30 enrage timer for dps check 
Requires 16-man group 
2-3 tanks, 3 preferred 
Required good connection, and keen observation and awareness of your debuffs 
Requires mental immunity, a buff given by spending 30 daily commendations on a pattern that then requires a new drop of which I can't currently read my writing to figure out, so will get accurate name and update tomorrow. All raiders need to have this, so expect to do dailies for another week or 2, which is good all around. 

Fight Walkthru: 

You have 2 mobs to worry about, the pilgrim and his puppy 

Tank on the pilgrim, he casts "Mental Assault" & "Rapid Fire" for his main rotation, power heal through but save tanking cooldowns. Watch stacks for mark, and watch for his regen shield (visibly draws a shield) 

1. DPS + Tank on dog til dog ~20%, dps will then follow alt tank to the pilgrim as mark stacks 
2. Constant aoes so get out of them 
3. Do not attack while shield is up on pilgrim -- DO NOT ATTACK SHIELD 
4. healers be advised opening and persistent dmg of 5-7k per attack on tanks, especially at beginning once defense and shield procs build up be aware of things 
5. Thing from stars (the dog) does an earth spike hit and gore, again tanks watch mark debuff 
6. Drag puppy over after shield fallen and both near death for his spike to finish it 

Ops This Week

Redcrosss, Apr 17, 12 2:59 AM.
​Thursday (EV or KP/ HM or NM) 6pm pst
Friday (EC NM) 6pm pst
Saturday (16 man Voss World Boss, please attend!)

Helpful link

Redcrosss, Apr 15, 12 8:20 AM.
Since 1.2 gives bonuses to maxing out companion affection I figured this could be helpful to some of you.

Guide to Companion Gifts!

Guild Bank Info!

Redcrosss, Apr 12, 12 11:21 AM.
Here are some basic guidlines/info I would like people to know/follow in regards to the guild bank!

Note: I have a log of ever item and credit transaction made in the bank.

1) Take it if you need it! the bank is there for sharing, so don't be afraid to take an item if you need it!
2) Give back. If you have items you want to share please do so, its polite to give back if you take regularly.     Also, guild tabs cost a lot of credits! any credit donations you make will go towards buying new tabs. 
3) Right now only GMs can withdraw credits, this will change after we buy a few more tabs
4) A stack of 20 = 20 items, not 1.
5) No green Items please! Blue or better! (this is to save space)
6)  Item withdraw limit
(Crafting mats tab) is as follows: Commander = 40, SF = 30, Vet = 20, Member = 10
(Items Tab): Commander = 4, SF = 3, Vet = 2, Member= 1      
(Rare Item Tab) Commander = 2, SF = 1, Veterans and Members - Ask a GM if you want to take something out of this tab.                  

Practice the Puzzle! Set it to 3 Rings

Redcrosss, Apr 7, 12 6:58 PM.

Really good guild for Fabricator Boss in KP. If you're coming on the KP ops - watch this!

Redcrosss, Apr 2, 12 4:16 AM.

The Best Part of The 16 Man Op: Waiting in Line to Loot

Redcrosss, Mar 31, 12 4:04 AM.

Karagga's Palace Guide

Redcrosss, Mar 29, 12 11:07 AM.
Here is a good guide for KP. I recommend the ops team take a look at it before our next attempt. Looks fun!

Karagga's Palace Guide

Legacy System Overview

Redcrosss, Mar 29, 12 5:28 AM.
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